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In the world of striking innovation of technologies we live today, the medical technology has been making the most remarkable advancement. There is abundance of examples that last year’s new products are already obsolete and no longer on demand this year. Working in this rapidly advancing industry, our firm’s most important task is to introduce excellent products adapting newer technological innovations, and accordingly to contribute to our society by means of the medical cares.I believe this is the top aim and task of our firm in order for our continuing evolution. From now on, I sincerely request to you all for your even greater support and encouragement.




Corporate Philosophy

Mihama Medical Inc. continues to seek and introduce better products and contributes to the society in terms of medical and health.

株式会社ミハマメディカル創業者 故八木健守 創業10周年時の言葉


The message of the founder Takemori Yagi in 10th Anniversary

It has been 10 years since Mihama Medical Inc. started in 1993. Though not quite satisfactorily, we are about to complete the company' s foundation and ready to move onto the second stage. We are determined to endeavor further at finding new innovative products during the next decade of expansion. Since early times we have a saying, "All illness comes from the mind". You may think that the impression from this saying is contrary to the modern medicine. However in the near future, it will be proved that the sense of this saying possesses an extremely large meaning. As mentioned in a lot of instances regarding the evolution of a company, it is needless to say that it would be most difficult to accomplish its prosperity without "Strong mind" of all staff members. Working in the medical care industry, we somewhat contribute to our society through our daily works, and that makes us find our life worth livings. At the same time, working in a growing company, growing ourselves also makes us find our life worth livings. That is unlimited aims of our staff members.
We target to grow ! We put ourselves to grow in devoir !

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